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TORIDO INVESTMENTS LTD P.O.Box 2259 Mwanza Tanzania. Incorporated in March of 2020, established in Mwanza city on shores of Lake Victoria in Central Tanzania. A region which is most oriented in cotton crop farming in the country. So it is strategically based in a raw materials environment.

TORIDO is an entrepreneurship entity with a mission or goal for integrated corporate establishment.
> manufacturing/ processing/producing Lishe Cooking Oil purely from organic cotton seed and organic sunflower seed. Packaged 5 ,10, 20, litre jerecans and buckets.

> quality feeds for cotton seed cake and sunflower cake Feed, the quality animal feeds ingredients it is packed in 25, 50, 70 kgsin milled meals and hard cake form.

> TORIDO also TRADE and DISTRIBUTES the manufactured products in the distribution trade chains

> Offering Transport for distributions of products to our customers regionally.

Buyers of Lishe cooking oil as well as cotton and sunflower cake meals come from all over East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi).